Broccoli Leek Soup (Warm Comfort Food)

27 Aug

Today I’ve been feeling under the weather so my body (or at least my mind) has been craving healthy food. Although this is something I’d usually make in cooler months, the healthiness and homeyness of Laura Pensiero’s broccoli leek soup convinced me to try it. Find the recipe on page 66 of The Oprah Magazine Cookbook or click here.

After walking over to Kin’s to get some organic broccoli, leeks, and a baking potato, I came home ready to roll up my sleeves. I soon noticed that our beloved Shiba Inu, Hiro, had fished the (as of yet unpeeled) potato out of the bottom of stroller and was playing a spirited game of “chase me, chase me” with the potato wedged firmly in between his jaws. There are days I swear that dog is a lot more work than our 9.5 month old!

I made a few minor variations to the soup recipe. First, I used salted as opposed to unsalted butter because that’s what I had on hand. I used 2 garlic cloves instead of 1–garlic, like broccoli, is supposed to have amazing health benefits. Plus it just tastes so good. The low-sodium chicken broth I used was by Campbell’s. Finally, Kin’s didn’t have any chives, so I used a small bit of finely sliced green onion as garnish instead. The Farmer’s white loaf from COBS was so good yesterday that I found myself hankering for more today, so I served some thick slices alongside.

When Chad got home from work, he asked, “What smells weird in here?” and I wasn’t sure that boded too well for the soup! 😉 The verdict? The soup was pretty good…a bit bland (that could be partly due to my taste buds being blunted by my summer cold) and benefited from extra salt & pepper. No need to use unsalted butter here! Although I wouldn’t rave about this soup, it would be a healthy workday staple that I would make again.

For you moms out there, this would probably be a pretty good choice for kids, as long as you omitted the half & half (for adults? no way!), went easy on the salt, and your little ones were okay with broccoli.

Oh, and my nod to fitness today? Walking with the stroller to pick up the groceries (wearing my new Reebok toning shoes–have you seen the girl’s butt in those ads?) instead of driving over to the mall.


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