Perfect Bachelor Pad Fare

30 Aug

I don’t consider myself shallow. I don’t even know what shallow really means.” That was my favourite line from tonight’s episode of Bachelor Pad. Another great thing about tonight? Our perfect Bachelor Pad fare–Ina Garten’s delicious rib eye steaks and cornmeal-fried onion rings.

For starters, Chad is very talented on the BBQ, and the onion rings were familiarly tasty in that salty, greasy, finger-licking goodness type of way. People rave about the 5* onion ring recipe–check out the Food Network recipe & reviews here. Chad deep fried them (neither of us trusted me to do it–that oil is HOT!) and it was quite the production. Our test onion ring burnt to a crisp and we’re still marveling that the fire alarm didn’t go off. I can’t recall ever deep frying anything before, but wow, is it ever a familiar smell. The onion rings were very good. Then again, I’ve often said that you could deep fry a shoe and it would taste good! But I did have to be reminded not to eat all the onion rings or we wouldn’t have any left to go with our dinner.

All in all, tonight’s meal (which you can find on page 92 of the Oprah Magazine Cookbook) is a definite make again. If you like steak and onion rings, or want to give deep frying a try, you’ll want to check this one out. Not a low-fat kind of meal, mind you. Might be better for watching Bachelor Pad than starring in it! 😛


One Response to “Perfect Bachelor Pad Fare”

  1. Chad August 31, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    I’m still thinking about that meal. Mmmmmm.

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