I Haven’t Made Brownies…

4 Sep

Since I was a Brownie, I don’t think!

More than once I forgot to tell my mom when elementary school photos were happening, which means there’s formal record of me smiling dorkily, all decked out in brown, orange and white uniform. I actually earned an impressive number of badges back in my day, before I quit Brownies (and later piano), preferring to watch Scooby Doo after school instead. Once I nearly cut my finger off making a salad earning my cooking badge (no, I’ve never claimed to have that much natural talent in the kitchen) šŸ˜‰ and then there was the time I earned a badge for skating backward (?) It’s funny the things we remember. Like fireside s’mores–yum! But I digress…

Tonight I was tempted by Alice Medrich’s Spice-Dusted Brownies (there’s a mouth-watering photo on page 264 of the Oprah Magazine Cookbook) and so gave this recipe a whirl.

I tweaked this recipe purely by accident. It calls for 8 oz of bittersweet (70%) chocolate and I picked up semi-sweet squares instead. Also, recommended baking time was 20-22 minutes, but I found the brownies needed closer to 35 minutes to fully cook. (Add this to my earlier Blueberry Buckle bust and I’m starting to get paranoid that our oven temperature might be off! I’ll use the thermometer to double check tomorrow.)

Now it’s almost 1 am and Chad, Jax, and Hiro are all fast asleep, which will force me to sample the brownies–repeatedly–on my own. I just had my first bite and they’re very tasty. I think my favourite part is the bottom crust with chopped walnuts. Maybe I’m just thinking of childhood (what with the Brownie thing and all) but the crust has a wonderful old-fashioned taste to it that reminds me of something my grandmothers would have made. My only complaint is that my brownies are a little overdone, which detracts from their taste. Next time I really will just follow the baking recipe at hand, cooking time and all, come hell or high water!

Yes, as for my baking lately, it seems I’m either over or under baking things. I’m the same way with shoes–I’m like the anti-Cinderella, the shoe almost never properly fits. After purchase, I end up convinced that they’re either 1/2 a size too big or 1/2 size too small. I can get a bit obsessive about it, but I also recognize that if this is my biggest problem, life is pretty darn good. šŸ™‚


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