Muffins for Mommies

10 Sep

Back in January, Jax & I joined other new moms and their babies for a course called Mothers Unfolding. As was my hope, the women I met were interesting, intelligent, and good conversationalists, and some new friendships were born. Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with 2 of those lovely moms, Andrea & Rebecca, and their babes, Julia & Ashlyn. Since we take turns bringing snack, this presented the perfect opportunity to try Tom Bivins’ Sour Cream Maple-Walnut Muffins. Click here for the recipe or see page 231 of the Oprah Magazine Cookbook.

These muffins are very good and for once of late I don’t think my baked goods are either over or under-done. 😉 Andrea liked the muffins’ texture and Rebecca said that they’re nice and moist. The cinnamon, sugar and walnut topping is sweet but not cloying, and the muffins themselves are a nice, respectable size–not too big or too small.

Chad just got in the door from work and is trying them for the first time. “I like them,” he says, “I like the top. Good flavour.” So, no complaints from the man department.

He’ll be delighted when I tell him that I also ferried him home a blackberry-apple turnover that Andrea made from the August/September issue of Fine Cooking! The turnovers are good and quite professional looking. Maybe it runs in the family…I found out today that Andrea’s mom is a cake decorator, which struck me as promising news. I’m now day dreaming about an informal mommies’ cookie & cake decorating workshop. I’d love to learn how to decorate Martha Stewart-type snowflake cookies. Think intricate blue and white piping and strategically placed silver balls…just in time for Christmas! 🙂


One Response to “Muffins for Mommies”

  1. Rebecca September 20, 2010 at 2:37 pm #

    And a good moist muffin is hard to find! Nice blogging Mika!

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