Sauteed Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes (Easy! Tasty!)

11 Sep

You should just see the cherry tomato plant on our balcony! It’s absolutely thriving in the cool custom concrete planter that Chad built. In fact, it’s kind of ominously taking over out there…but I’m keeping my eye on it! 😉 Anyway, it still seems like it took forever for enough of those little cherry gems to ripen to allow us to “harvest” them for my latest Oprah dish–Nina Simonds’ Sauteed Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes. See page 115 of the Oprah Magazine Cookbook or click here.

This dish, which we made for the first time last night, consists of boneless, skinless chicken breasts sauteed with garlic, shallots, cherry tomatoes, oregano and white wine, all served on a bed of angel hair pasta. I found it to be quick, easy and surprisingly flavourful. Perfect for a midweek summer (gasp, it’s mid-September already!) type of meal.

We didn’t make many changes to this straightforward recipe, but we did cut it in half and make 3 servings instead of 6. (The lovely remaining chicken breast is sitting in the fridge and would be perfect sliced over a green salad for a nice light supper. Far too virtuous for me right now, I’m afraid. I’m going to heat up the oven and have some onion rings instead!) Anyhow, the recipe halved very easily. The only other change we made was using regular angel-hair pasta instead of spinach, which is what the recipe calls for. Spinach would have been nice for this dish, for the colour contrast if nothing else. That said, I couldn’t readily find the spinach variety and some fresh plain stuff did the trick.

Although this dish isn’t an extravagant party pleaser, it’s definitely savoury and family-friendly. I could see this being an easy “go to” meal and for us it’s a make again.


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