One of Oprah’s 10 Best!

2 Oct

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve been feeling a bit down today. Maybe it’s the time of year. I mean, I love fall–it’s my favourite season–but on certain days it seemingly does have the power to inspire a certain nostalgia. To help lift my spirits, Chad made me one of my favourite Oprah magazine dishes tonight, John Baron’s Pappardelle with Peas and Parmesan. Click here to check out the recipe.

First published in January 2001, this recipe actually wasn’t included in The Oprah Magazine Cookbook, which I think is a shame. We discovered it when it was reprinted in the May 2010 10th Anniversary Special issue. Apparently O staffers reviewed every single recipe the magazine had ever published (around 750!) to determine the 10 best. This unique pasta recipe is among them, and I think for good reason.

The main ingredients are fresh pasta, fresh or frozen peas, and whole mint leaves. Before I first tried this dish, I thought the addition of mint might be weird, but it’s actually a delicious combination of flavours. As the recipe suggests, “it’s fine to use frozen peas…but don’t skimp on the fresh pasta.”

In short, this dish is easy to make, inexpensive, and a pretty effective comfort food. Just perfect for a fall day on which you may happen to be feeling a bit nostalgic, but also equally good year-round. Enjoy!


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