Husband Flips the Dirty Bird

11 Oct

Or at least he wants to. (My husband Chad guest blogs tonight!) 🙂

The least I could do tonight is take over the cooking and writing for Mika’s blog since she has been feeding our family as though we were royalty lately. These days, even the dog looks down his nose when faced with the mediocrity of his typical dish, dog food.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an experienced cook, I am pale green when it comes to whole chickens, and it’s against my nature to follow a recipe.

MY APPROACH: As with every venture I embark on, the key for me is to make sure I enjoy the process and to indulge my curiosity to its fullest.

That said, I threw a video tutorial on the kitchen TV of the latest computer language I am trying to learn, pulled all the ingredients I needed from the catastrophe that is our cupboards, and invented a Caesar to drink while taming this bald carcass of an animal that used to be a chicken.

If you want to try something new, here is my Caesar recipe:

-2 parts vodka (I used that stuff that comes in the skull made by Canada’s own Dan Akroyd)
-3 parts regular Clamato Juice
-Lots of ice in a large cup
-1/2 teaspoon of horseradish
-a few squirts of habanero sauce
-a few squirts of worcestershire sauce
-2 broken-up slices of peppered pancetta slices
-1 celery stick
-1/2 drop of liquid smoke (don’t use any more than this!)
-light sprinkle with celery salt

Now back to the chicken…the recipe I chose to follow is Rori Trovato’s Cinnamon Curry Roasted Chicken with Tomato Yogurt Sauce found on page 118.

While listening to my video tutorial on the computer programming language and preparing the bird, I think I discovered something very important about cooking. It has got to be one of the most primal ways to affect another human being. In essence it can be a powerful medium for communication on a level that’s deeper than the surface of touch and the multiple layers of cognition that seem to be at the heart of even the most intimate of human interaction. There’s something about the ‘Old World’ flavors and aromas of this dish that gets you thinking about modern vs. ancient food and how they reflect what has possibly changed in society over the years.

Anyway, enough philosophy. It’s just a damn dirty bird. This got me thinking about why the heck I’m cooking it like this…roasting on a rack (breasts up) inside a roasting pan. Why did I stuff it full of unpeeled garlic cloves, unpeeled shallots, and cinnamon sticks?

I get it. Because that’s what Rori did, and probably what Rori’s mom did too. Is this the best way to do it? Don’t these flavors just bypass the best part of the bird or does the flavor just magically rise and permeate the meat above? Do we do this just to flavor the drippings or does it simply sound eclectic to talk about the interesting things with which we violate our dead chickens?

Also, all these spices smell nice, but do they make it past the skin to flavor the best part, the meat? Or do we need to make sure we have a bite of skin with every bite of meat? If you have any answers or suggestions, please comment below.

If I didn’t promise Mika that I’d follow the recipe for the sake of the blog, I think I would have liked to research some alternative cooking methods from the Old World and incorporate them into tonight’s dish. At least I would have flipped the bird and tried it breast down in its own drippings.

My opinion of the dish is that it was amazingly flavorful and interestingly thought-provoking. I do, however, believe that this dish without the tomato yogurt sauce (added on top of the servings) would have been mediocre chicken at best.


2 Responses to “Husband Flips the Dirty Bird”

  1. mikafry October 12, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    Thanks for tackling this bird recipe, honey! I definitely enjoyed the fruits of your labour.

  2. Aj October 12, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    WELL ..WELL …Chad, you’re chicken looks great… I am most certainly going to show this to Johnny in hopes that perhaps, he might get the hint that this would be OK for him to try … ha ha
    It makes me happy to see that you are supporting Mika in her endeavours.
    P.S I myself find it very difficult to follow recepies, I always seem to want to change or add something, it’s a sickness I tell ya……lol

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