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The Harlem Tea Room’s Scones

15 Jan

It’s been so long since I last blogged that today my mom asked me if I was still hungover from the Christmas cocktails I wrote about in mid-December! 😉 So I figure that writing about The Harlem Tea Room’s Scones we indulged in last weekend is long overdue.

The Patrice Clayton recipe (see page 217 of The Oprah Magazine Cookbook, or click here) actually has 3 variations: baking powder, cheddar-thyme, and raisin. We decided to try the baking powder version and were not disappointed. These are your classic, plain variety, high tea scone, just begging to be a vehicle for delicious jam, marmalade or whipped cream toppings.

Our Sunday morning baking presented us with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the yummy raspberry jam that Jan and Chuck gave us for Christmas. Chad’s loved their jams since he was a little kid, and let me tell you, that jam was goood.

Although the recipe was supposed to make about 1.5 dozen 3/4 inch scones, we ended up with closer to 2.5 dozen, slightly smaller ones. Cooking them for 10 minutes was perfect.

Next time we plan to go closer to the cheddar-thyme route (simply because our jam is almost all gone) but create a rosemary-rocksalt variation instead, inspired by the rosemary-rocksalt bagels we had in Kitsilano the other day.

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